Accepting you as you

So I’ve realised that medications, therapy and herbal remedies are all great but don’t actually change me they just help ease the way my head works and how I live. To make these work though I have to work with me.

For a long time I fought against the way my head works, trying to tell myself that I don’t have OCD or anxiety and ending up living by just staying in my bed, cocooning myself from any fears. Too scared to leave the house, to touch light switches and even to eat food. It really wasn’t the best of times and it would gradually devoured me up.

What I needed to do was embrace my head and the way it works. Finding strategies to solve the worry and stress caused from it which would work along side my head. For example when locking a car or a door I clap every time after doing it. The clap, jump or any other significant action out of the ordinary, as well as making you feel rather silly, reminds me I have locked the car or door. My drive to work is ten minutes but in that time I’ll ask myself, ” oh god did I lock the door” about three times, then each time I remember the clap over the normality of the action of locking the door. I’ve also taken pictures and had a diary in the past, they work but it’s important to find something that works for you.

Another element of my OCD is intrusive thoughts. These used to terrify me. When I started to listen to my therapist I actually started to feel more comfortable that I had them. She talked about how I the thoughts that I had were intrusive because I am so anxious they could happen, actually they’re the thing I least want to happen.

Obviously people have different OCD habits and anxieties, these are just a couple of mine. Medication, therapies and herbal remedies are all great too but you also need to accept you as being you to ensure they are effective.

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