Another VICTORY against anxiety

This is one of the best feelings, a sense of perfect utopia, and a positive result of such intense irrational and anxious thoughts. This is what I achieved today, an incredible feeling! I will try my best to explain this extreme relationship one can have with their anxiety. Without seeming too big-headed, I’m a rather […]

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The last few days I’ve been walking around my house, over and over and over again. Not knowing where to begin or what to do. I use up time on my phone as much as possible, checking if the weather may have changed on the met Office app for the 50th time in the day […]

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The real OCD

OCD is a condition where overwhelming irrational and compulsive thoughts cloud all other thoughts. Heightened anxieties can be a consequence of having OCD. Under the correct individual medication, therapy and reflections OCD is a condition where people, including myself, can live a normal life.  It affects about 2% of the population- of which there is no […]

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Accepting you as you

So I’ve realised that medications, therapy and herbal remedies are all great but don’t actually change me they just help ease the way my head works and how I live. To make these work though I have to work with me. For a long time I fought against the way my head works, trying to […]

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Saying it and meaning it

There have been so many people that have helped me to understand how my head works, understand how medication works and help me by just being there no matter what. But I often find the moments I ought to be most thankful for these people- at my lowest points. My head is in such a […]

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